About Us

We Are Professional

Welcome To Sameer Enterprises

SAMEER ENTERPRISES is a well established and highly motivated industrial cleaning company based in Gujrat since 1998.

Rated by an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified company, Sameer Enterprise, has developed an unrivalled reputation as the leading provider of honest, well-motivated and presentable housekeeping staff and services. we operate with a small but highly efficient management team, keeping our overheads down and our pricing competitive.

We are fully legislative complaint by using our services you can be assured that your services provider is fully complaint with all legislation,with vetting procedures which meet or exceed recognized corporate HR Standards.

Our Vision

To attain highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide services with a vision and to leverage core competencies and to enhance business across the country.

Our Creative Team

Our team members consist solely of mature, trustworthy individuals - who work by high standards. Sameer Enterprises employees share our dedication towards premium quality and customer satisfaction, in addition to having a great smile! Strict pre-employment screening, extensive training and creating a great place to work are just some of the reasons our professionalism is upheld. Sameer Enterprises Team Membare are NEVER sub-contracted.

Our Quality

We Promise to deliver high Quality, Value-for-money services, to continually develop, improve and maintain those services so that they are customer focused, cost effective and Best in Class.

Each and every member of us has a role to play in delivering quality service. We improve quality in each and every work. Our preventive maintenance includes regular checkup of all the cleaning machines. We enhance our efficiency and minimize the wastage of time and resources. Surprise checks are also conducted to keep a control over the parameter of quality

Our Mechanization

With advancement in technology, we have introduced new machines, superior workmen and equipment to deliver quality services. We use wide range of cleaning equipment for different cleaning applications.

Our cleaning machines are completely reliable and environment safe. Some Machines for related services are very handy and portable which save time and are easy to use. This also increases confidence of our work force and efficiency.

Why Choose Us?

  • individual personal aenon.
  • Experienced in commercial and industrial cleaning.
  • Positive and helpful approach.
  • Fully trained and healthy team.
  • Advance mechanized cleaning techniques.
  • Strong emphasis on health and safety.

Our Values

  • Delivers highest standards of professional housekeeping services.
  • Mechanized cleaning.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • 24*7 availability.
  • Fully registered and legislative compliance.

Certificates & Awards